Monday, 21 May 2012

hmmmmmm....what do you perceive?

But, seriously, some people need to start thinking seriously about personal hygiene. It's really embarrassing, if not appalling, to see a well-dressed and good-looking babe or dude who smells like sanitary sewage....ewwwww. That's quite gross. 
And most disappointing is the fact that most times, some of such peeps make an effort to come very close to you to maybe say a word or two. Could be a guy trying to scope a babe. Or a babe feeling like she's the hottest chic' in town. And when they come close, you reach for your cologne and save the day. LOL. 
Now, let's find out more about Body Odour (BO) also called Bromhidrosis, Osmidrosis and Ozochrotia. BO is simply the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids and if measures are not taken, it becomes evident during puberty, that is when a female is 14-16 years of age and when a male is 15-17 years of age. 
So, you see, everybody can have BO, so relax, but the difference lies in how you take care of yourself. BO can most likely be felt on the feet, groin, armpits, genitals, pubic region, belly button, genitals, anus, etc (pardon the terminologies....all join) and is triggered by sweat. 
What are the measures to be taken? Regular bathing, reduction in the intake of spicy foods like garlic, wearing clothes made with natural fibres such as wool, cotton and silk, keeping the armpits and genitals super-clean by shaving and washing regularly and then, using anti-perspirants (as in, roll-on and body spray)made with Aluminium Chloride. 
Please note that perfumes do not really do the work most times because when you spray them, you still sweat in your armpits and most times, the mixture of foul-smelling sweat and perfume produces an indescribable odour....not good at all. Perfumes should be an addition to your anti-perspirant. 
Kindly patronize anti-perspirants/deodorants today and save your friends, your neighbours....and your enemies...yes, remember: Love your enemies and don't kill them. Lol. You could also save your romantic life. If you need names of the very-effective brands, just buzz this space...

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  1. Whoa....'high-scent'...thatz what we call it in school...hahahhahahhah...really repulsive, like: Oh no! LOL