Thursday, 30 May 2013

Qualities that sustain a relationship

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship...aren't you tired of hearing it? Well, I would have nodded in affirmation but even if I refuse to talk about it, I can still not exempt myself from it and neither can you :p.. LOL. This is because every now and then, one person or the other is going through one emotional stress or the other; it could be a single person having an issue with his or her partner or a married person struggling with patching things up or risking a divorce. It is worthy to note that there is no

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Opinion Re-public: Music or Movies?

Some of us are addicted to music while others are addicted to movies. However, some people would argue that they are addicted to both but we know that no two addictions can be of equal proportion. 
So, pray tell, are you the type of person that wears ear plugs listening to music all day, while working, cooking, washing, eating, even while sleeping (hehehheeee...yes) or while walking on the road? 
Do you know the tunes, lyrics and the artistes of most songs?  
Or are you someone who would miss

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Opinion Re-public: iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony or Blackberry?

There have been serious debates about whether one should stick to Blackberry 'pinging' or switch to other mobile brands; often, we are bothered about the better brand. Mobile phone brand is also fast-becoming a status symbol among we young people...hilarious, isn't it? Well, I guess that's one of the fall-outs of the Net age.
It is often difficult to choose between these brands because the smartphones they produce seem to be unique and different from each other in diverse ways, thus resulting in situations where some people change from one brand to the other, while the 'gbo gbo bigzzz' people, especially ladies (hehehehheee :p) go as far as having up to three of the above brands. Most people complain they are

Monday, 6 May 2013

Opinion Re-public: Should a wife 'submit' her income to her hubby?

I got inspired to talk about this topic after seeing the fuss it generated on my friend's facebook page. 
Seriously people, is it "okay" for a woman to give her husband the money she makes as soon as she gets paid?  Let's have your views and feel free to back your thoughts with references if any. 
I hope we are having a great week already?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spotlight on Taylor's "Swift" Affairs:

Taylor Swift, the 24 year old American-born singer-songwriter has become a phenomenon especially in the area of relationships...*phew*. Her relationships seem to pass-by very "swiftly" and left in the wake of such rude awakenings, she usually compensates herself by making the "culprits" the subjects of her songs. Infact, she has personally stated that her ex-boyfriends are the greatest inspiration for her songs...hehehheeee...
Till date, she has been linked to well over eight (8) guys and here's the duration of some of these affairs starting from the very first:

Joe Jonas (remember him? one of the Jonas Brothers - broke up with her over

Opinion Re-public: What or Who is your inspiration?

Often, we hear people say "I'm inspired by God". True, but it is also worthy to note that some people do not share the same view on this subject. Some people are inspired by a cause or causes, some by celebrities or famous personalities, some by an activity or behavioural trait, some by notable quotes, some by their parents, some by their lovers; however, are you aware that some people derive their inspiration from the lifestyles of certain animals? Yes, animals. Well, that's the diversity of the human race...different strokes for different strokes. 
So, how about you? Where do you derive your inspiration? Or from whom or what do you derive your inspiration? Share your views.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Opinion Re-public: Divorce - To be considered or not?

The divorce rate in Nigeria and indeed the rest of the world has become very alarming in recent years. 
Why do you think this is so? 
Would you ever consider divorce under any circumstance? What are those circumstances? Or do you think marriage is for better and for worse? 
Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? 
Share your thoughts. Happy Weekend!!!

USA to cancel American DV Visa Lottery

Africans could be the big losers as the United States reforms its immigration laws and eliminates the green card lottery, of which Africans are the main beneficiaries. Half of the 50,000 residence permits handed out at random each year are earmarked for Africans. It is a hugely popular program that has allowed hundreds of thousands of Africans to settle in America since the mid 1990s. But the ambitious reform project under debate now in Washington, which would provide papers for million undocumented immigrants, contains a clause that would do away with the lottery. In its place would be

Friday, 3 May 2013

Opinion Re-public: Legalization of Same-sex relationships - make it happen or blow it away?

This is a new segment on our blog. Share your thoughts on the topic. 
There have been lots of debates, rants and chats on this issue; so, let's read your views. You never know the impact your opinion will have in determining the outcome of this debate in the long run.
So feel free to state it the way you feel, give reasons for your standpoint; remember, you are entitled to your opinion and 'talk' on this blog, is entirely free. 

Rain! Rain!! Rain!!! Weather for Two

We have all heard about, witnessed and often talk about 'Rain'. Rain is defined by Wikipedia as liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity. Well, pardon me but this definition sounds like it can only be understood by Geologists and other Scientists. What the lay man knows about rain is that it's water that falls from the sky...some people would say it's God's Showers of Blessings from Heaven. However, we are not in this discourse to define rain but the significance of rain to people.
To the Farmer, rain represents a vital part of his work as it will ensure that his crops germinate and produce the harvest he desires.
To Traditionalists, rain may signify some other things; don't ask me oooo, I'm

Welcome back

Hey lovely people, it feels really great to be back with the buzz. I've been away for a program but I'm glad I'm done and back. I promise not to stay off for so long anymore.
Hmmm....let's resume our jolly-good ride. 
Welcome back, everyone and lest I forget, Happy New Year in arrears :) :D