Sunday, 16 February 2014

Provoke your thoughts!

This is a collection of original words to inspire and open our minds to some realities of our lives:

1.) The greatest tragedy is having to live with anger and thoughts of being hurt, whereas the source of the pain is oblivious of the offence.

2.) Life has taught me that even the strongest minds get weak's not inconsistency, it's being human, it's imperfection!

3.) Tomorrow is a product of thoughts, words, actions, omissions and TODAY... every single moment adds up.

4.) The true value of power is made manifest in powerlessness, just as

Monday, 20 January 2014

Beware of 'False' Knights in Shining Armours

Hello dear friends, I trust you have been doing very well?

This discussion promises to be as brief as possible and straight to the point because of its nature, which is just to further reiterate some of the safety procedures some of us seem to have lost track of.

We all know that knights in shining armours are meant to be our friends or people we view as trustworthy, people who should have our backs and who help us out of difficult situations; however, nowadays we have people who lead us into those difficult situations, wolves in sheep clothing, whom I prefer to call 'false' knights in shining armours.

How else would you describe

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy 'Hardworking' New Year with the 'Dream BIG Insurance Policy'

Disclaimer: Contrary to what the title may suggest, this article has nothing to do with Insurance as a field or as a business. Have fun reading.

I'm pretty sure we've sent all the messages, made all the calls, written BBM Statuses, tweeted, written facebook posts, posted pictures to Instagram, etc, all in the spirit of the New Year Celebration. 
I'm also sure we have received and equally sent out messages such as Happy New Year, I Wish you a prosperous new year, etc., not to mention the many 'mass-produced' messages we duplicate around. Please also indicate with a wave if you spent 31st night in Church ... Hallelujah, I did too. Oh, and lest I forget, some of us have also made New Year Resolutions. OK! So, what's next?

I remember that every year always starts as 'New' and as humans, we always hope that each year turns out better than the previous one. However, we actually contribute little or nothing towards making it happen and in the end, we curse out that particular year and embrace the coming one with the same persistent hope and the cycle just continues. Count 10 years down the line and you are already feeling that your life did not turn out well or some 'villagers' were after you. The truth of the matter is this: