Monday, 21 May 2012

Knock Knock! Perfect husband, please?

Back in the days, if you asked the average woman her choice of a husband, the ready answer you could hear was: Tall, dark, handsome. Some would say Tall, fair with pink lips, handsome, 6-packed. 
Nowadays, the list seems to have expanded to become: Tall dark or fair with pink lips, 6-packed, drop-dead handsome, rich, connected, classy, etc etc etc. Okay, ladies! 

Those are the characteristics of the 'ideal man' who mostly lives in our fantasies. But, it surprises me that nobody cares to mention God-fearing, intelligent, focused, disciplined, lovable (yeah, because some men are a full-time job) and this is why most marriages these days do not last. That is not to say that good-looking guys don't make good husbands - No. The point is that marriage should surpass the physical. 
Now, let's compare these two scenarios and I would love you to make your choice: Imagine a guy who is tall, dark, handsome, rich, classy, 6-packed, etc. that disrespects his wife by running-after everything in skirts, is a heavy drinker that comes home wasted, snores like a pig, and batters his wife brutally. Now, imagine another guy who is just on the average; perhaps, not too tall, dark or fair, not too handsome, no packs or just 2 invisible packs (LOL), comfortable, middle-class citizen, who doesn't cheat on his wife (very few men don't tho'), helps her with house chores, adores her, doesn't drink to stupor, takes her on vacations and trips her in his little way. 
So, choose for yourself, who you would cling to because in life, there is no complete being; you just need to give priority to the qualities that are important to you - Remember that Happiness is a debt you owe yourself. 
I have studied several real-life scenarios that point out that the 'not-too-cute' guys make better husbands...*winks*. Abeg, drop-dead cuties, no vex o, I know there are exceptions too. But, Ladies, if you seriously want a man who has all the good qualities you can only find in wonderland, kindly think of the "skeladies" below. LOL.  Feel free to drop your comments and prove me wrong with facts. By the way, I'm a sucker for cuties tho'!!! Lol. #Peace.


  1. hahahahahahhahha...yeah, you are right. There is no such thing as perfect. One has to focus on the qualities that really matter. Meehhhhnnn, those 'skeladies' look hilarious...hahahhahaha..Thumbs up, Socialite chic'

  2. Oh No, I am looking for My perfect guy..I dont care how long it takes me to see him....:p. LOL

  3. hahhaahhaha....I laugh some more...hahahhahhaa....oh yes, Tittie, please wait for your perfect guy...just like those skeladies. Maybe you could be having a massage and sipping on champagne while you wait...hahhahahahhaa...:p