Thursday, 14 June 2012

SamKlef denied entry into The UK

Music producer/artiste, Samklef’s manager has denied that the artiste, who was recently denied entry upon arrival in England, and subsequently deported, traveled to the U.K on a false claim.

The story, published recently in Encomium Weekly, alleged that the father of one said he’d lied to immigration officers about his reasons for travelling to the U.K, saying most Nigerian artistes do it.
The magazine wrote:
Encomium Magazine: We learnt you told immigration that you were on vacation and they eventually found out you came for shows without work permit. How true is it?
Samklef: Yes
However, Samklef’s manager is now denying this. In a chat with NET, he said ‘I don’t know where Encomium got their information from.’
He however admits Samklef, 26, was denied entry, and sent back from Heathrow arrival.

Awwwww....SamKlef dearie, it can only get better. Just try again later and remember, it's all about honesty and due process noni! 

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