Thursday, 14 June 2012

Gbagaun Wahala

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why do people love to mesmerise the ears and eyes of others by throwing atomic 'wordiles'(combination of words and missiles) that sometimes threaten to reset the 'readiological' mechanism of the brain and cause very robust stretch marks on the laughter cord??? LOL......SMH.

Ok, check out stuffs like these real 'wordiles' thrown by real people like you and I....Abeg, take cover first...

- I are been waiting to got your attension, why are you refuse? (Na high tension wire she put you? abi u dey call am refuse dump? Infact, everything about this your grammar na 419. *ringingEFCC*).
- Bin long yhu so me.... (was that supposed to be 'saw'? By the way, how e go take see you with all your blunder? abi life no dey sweet am? #talktothehand).
- Dis weather is making me fell sick (Well, I dont blame the weather, I blame you).


The most ridiculous part is that a lot of peeps who throw these 'wordiles' usually feel they have 'scored', as in, they throw them with so much pride that one wonders whether the language of the English man has been 'remixed'. LOL. My suggestion be say if you know say u no fit, abeg, blow your pidgin or your the world from further crisis....And as for ye hearers and readers of any 'Gbagaunist', abeg buy helmet make ur eyes and ears no for crash....Hahahahhahahhaaaaaa.

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