Friday, 28 September 2012

Facebook Palaver - Relationship Status(es)

It really has become a Social Issue the way some people update their Relationship Statuses on Facebook. I mean, how can someone move from 'Single' to 'It's Complicated' to 'In a Relationship' to 'Dating' to 'Married' and back to 'Single' again, all in one month??? 
This stuff has caused ripples and so, we need to talk about it...
Imagine this scenario: A friend of mine saw this cute babe on facebook, checked her Relationship Status the first day and it was 'Single'. So, he thought he had hit the jackpot and then, started fast-tracking the process...the next 2 days, he saw her update saying: so so and so went from being Single to Married...huh??? No wedding pictures, no announcement, nothing at all. 
He was really sad and thought he had lost her...the next few hours, he saw another update saying the same babe went from Married to 'It's Complicated'...and my friend became further confused. And then finally, the next day, the status had turned to 'Single'. My friend just gave up the chase.... WHAT??? Seriously, if you can't stick to one Relationship status at a time, then leave it on One (I suggest you leave it at 'It's Complicated'..better still, ask facebook to create a customized status for you, named 'I am Confused'....LOL... 
But, I have come to realize that you should NEVER trust people's Relationship Statuses, except they are 'Married' and you can see wedding pictures and stuff. Otherwise, if you want someone, go for him/her, whether the status says 'Engaged', 'Dating', In a Relationship', etc, because the annoying part is that some people tell lies about their actual statuses, some, to show-off or to attract attention, some, to ward-off unnecessary 'pests', while others just choose the status they want to be associated with...For example, Guy meets Babe and they go out on a first date; immediately, the Babe updates her status to 'Dating'....huh??? Already, when the Guy has barely asked you out??? LOL... If you are in the category of people that swing between Relationship Statuses, please, let us know what your motivation is....
Meanwhile, this is one reason I love Twitter..Nobody gets to know what your Status is..and truth is 'Nobody Cares'....LOL

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