Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Opinion Re-public: Education or Craft?

Recently, with the alarming rates of unemployment, underemployment, Incessant strikes (the current ASUU Strike is a case in point), Lecturers' palaver, etc.,  some fellow Nigerians have argued that it is perhaps, better to avoid spending one's youthful years in pursuit of an Academic degree with tiresome rigours and lackluster benefits in the end. 
Thus, some people are advocating for young people to 'forget' about Western Education, start early and learn a trade or craft as it appears Craftsmanship pays the bills nowadays - We now see a lot of graduates who have dumped their certificates and are now doing very well in one business, craft or trade. 
So, what do you think? Are you pro-education or pro-craft? What are the pros and cons of either of the two choices?


  1. A fine mixture of both. 50/50. Craft should be an integral part of the curriculum. Infact it should be a core subject whose fail could lead to repetition just like maths or English.That way students can make money while schooling and pay their bills through schooling of any level and even if they strike for 5yrs, students will be busy with crafts.

  2. I agree with a fine mixture of both but I think that will not be possible except school years will be extended because that will be like an addition to what students already learn, which will require an addition of one to two extra years or if we have to go with 50/50, then another four or five years to ensure there's a fine blend of both and I don't think students will welcome the idea of adding another school year at all. So for me, I think 30 percent Education, 70 percent Craft, without extending the schooling years. Afterall, Education doesn't seem to be paying the bills these days.