Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Opinion Re-Public: Should I Accept or Flee?

Hi Friends,

Here's a real life scenario requiring your candid opinions.

There is this lady from a very humble background (the word 'humble' in this context is synonymous with impoverishment or living below the poverty line....) dating a guy from a very wealthy and influential background. 
Their relationship has been okay, except for the fact that

each time there's a little misunderstanding between them, the guy usually starts by recounting the woes of the lady's poor background, calling her names and telling her to be grateful for having him drag her out of her poverty-stricken family. 
This attitude rips this lady's heart apart each time the guy displays it and she is at the point where she is finding it difficult to contain the verbal abuse. 
Now, this lady just got a tip from the guy's close friend that the guy will soon propose to her. And she's asking: ''should I accept or flee''? ''Is there any possibility that he will change for good when we are married''? And I'm adding: if there is no possibility that he will change, is there a way she can handle or manage the situation? 

So, kindly put on your 'Marriage Counsellor robes' and your eye glasses of scrutiny (LOL) to assist this lady before the 'yes or no' date. Thanks and enjoy your week!

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