Thursday, 7 November 2013

Opinion Re-public: Would you rather confess?

Back to relationship issues, dear friends. 

I saw a programme on TV yesterday, which drew me to this particular question: if you ever cheat on your partner/spouse, would you confess or keep it to yourself, knowing the possible implications of such confession? Would you wait to get caught and confronted before confessing? Or would you still deny even when you have been caught right in the act? LOL...some people are high-profile film stars in this because even when you are looking at them committing the act, they try to prove to you that you probably are hallucinating or have gone berserk...LOL.

Then again, If your partner/spouse cheats on you and confesses, would that be the end of the relationship or would you offer him or her another chance?

Please don't forget to give reasons for your answer.

1 comment:

  1. People want to hear the truth, yet they can't handle it....So, I think I like the movie star part....I am capable of acting better than the best in that department. Lmao