Sunday, 16 February 2014

Provoke your thoughts!

This is a collection of original words to inspire and open our minds to some realities of our lives:

1.) The greatest tragedy is having to live with anger and thoughts of being hurt, whereas the source of the pain is oblivious of the offence.

2.) Life has taught me that even the strongest minds get weak's not inconsistency, it's being human, it's imperfection!

3.) Tomorrow is a product of thoughts, words, actions, omissions and TODAY... every single moment adds up.

4.) The true value of power is made manifest in powerlessness, just as the true value of wealth or plenty is made manifest in poverty or lack.

5.) Why not wait a few more minutes? Aren't you feeling a little tired now? Why not wait till you have enough funds? Say no to PROCRASTINATION!

6.) There is one person who is NOT permitted to doubt your potentials because as soon as he does, you crumble. That person is called YOU!

7.) When issues become complex, solutions become complicated. It takes character to move from complicated to complex, simple and to resolution!

8.) Appreciation is better expressed in Contentment.

9.) Pull the trigger on your thoughts and the deed is done.Perhaps you can't control what you feel or think;but you sure can control what you do.

10.) Do you know someone who is walking on thorns and spikes?Render a voice of hope. Otherwise, it could be the hope you give or a rope hanging down such a person's neck.

Copyright: The Socialites

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