Monday, 20 January 2014

Beware of 'False' Knights in Shining Armours

Hello dear friends, I trust you have been doing very well?

This discussion promises to be as brief as possible and straight to the point because of its nature, which is just to further reiterate some of the safety procedures some of us seem to have lost track of.

We all know that knights in shining armours are meant to be our friends or people we view as trustworthy, people who should have our backs and who help us out of difficult situations; however, nowadays we have people who lead us into those difficult situations, wolves in sheep clothing, whom I prefer to call 'false' knights in shining armours.

How else would you describe
the behavioural traits of some very callous individuals in the world today? I'm sure you have probably heard of how some guys recently raped and assaulted a 14-year old girl, indeed I'm sure we have heard all manner of rape stories. Did you also hear of one fresh, healthy looking guy with 6-packs, a former college student in the USA, who knew he was HIV positive, secretly infected about 30 unsuspecting victims with the virus (through intercourse) and secretly filmed the sex tapes? In the recent past, there was also a woman somewhere in Africa who was HIV positive and who was caught breastfeeding her neighbour's baby ... Man's inhumanity to man.

What this goes to say is that the world has become more dangerous, self-serving and very perilous and calls for urgent attention. You need to step up to speed in protecting yourself and your loved ones. Remember that there is nobody that cares about you more than you do, except of course, God Himself. As a young person, be careful of whom you hang out with and be careful of where you hang out; rape nowadays does not know the meaning of 'friendship', confidence rape is on the increase. Be careful of whom you leave your kids and wards to; we know how many 'uncles' (neighbours or friends) have turned wicked. Be also very careful of the manner of maidservants and menservants you hire. It is also very safe to ascertain the health status of such persons before hiring and leaving your children with them. Also be very nice and courteous to them because some people are very heartless to the point of transferring aggression to innocent fellows.

Lastly, if you are fond of having unprotected sex with strange fellows, please in the interest of those who love you, STOP it! Even if such a fellow looks fresh and healthy, do not be deceived; beware also of easy-to-come-by, free or readily available sex; if you are dating and not yet married, get tested, remember the ABCs - Abstinence, Be Faithful, Condom usage; however, it is always safe to avoid unprotected sex. It is sad that some husbands and wives have been infecting their spouses as a result of their infidelity but that is a discussion for another day. Some people argue that we shall all die someday; yes, but who authorized you to facilitate the process? If you are already infected, do not panic - seek counselling and live a healthy life. I respect people who are HIV Positive, who realize that if properly managed, it is not a death sentence, and who do not seek to infect others; may their days be long.
I could go on and on but I made a promise to be brief, so I need to pen down here. Have a lovely new week and stay out of trouble!

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