Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Love at First Sight . . . Do you believe in it?

Love at first sight is a common figurative language in Western literature, in which a person, character, or speaker feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first sight of them. Described by poets and critics from the Greek world on, it has become one of the most powerful terms in Western fiction (Wikipedia).

Research has shown two bases for love at first sight. The first is that the attractiveness of a person can be very quickly determined, with the average time in one study being 0.13 seconds (Wikipedia).  This means that you could see someone and within seconds, you have observed the person, made up your mind that the person is attractive and perhaps, started nursing feelings of romantic involvement with him/her.

The second is that the first few minutes of a relationship have shown to be predictive of the relationship's future success, more so than what two people have in common or whether they like each other (Wikipedia). This simply confirms the popular saying that 'First Impression Matters'.

So, the question now is, have you ever experienced love at first sight or glance? If yes, what was the outcome of that? Did you later start-off a relationship with the person? If yes, how long did it last for? Feel free to deliberate on this issue because personally, I haven't experienced that 'force' and secondly, I doubt if it really exists.... though I need someone to prove me wrong...

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