Friday, 12 October 2012

Mysterious Tweep claims to have Bieber's Classified Videos

E! News Online - Thanks to Twitter, Justin Bieber just got a heads-up that videos found on his allegedly stolen computer are going to hit the Internet tomorrow (that is, today).
"@gexwy no matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans wont leave me. screw it. #toostrong," Bieber fired back in response to the user with the handle @gexwy. (The user's tweets only go back to yesterday, indicating that the person joined just to get under Bieber's skin.)
"Good job with the password protected @justinbieber. weak," gexwy tweeted Wednesday, around the time that Bieber was tweeting about a laptop that was stolen from his tour manager's office at the Tacoma Dome, where he performed earlier in the week.

Apparently looking to prove that he/she wasn't blowing smoke, @gexwy tweeted two YouTube links, both videos featuring Bieber. 
One shows a much younger-looking Bieber holding back a window shade to reveal a throng of screaming fans outside, while the other shows a more recent incarnation of the Canadian superstar and some pals messing around backstage at an arena, where the 19-year-old, known to be fond of pranks, pours some sort of supplement powder on a sleeping member of his crew.
"TOMORROW. u've been warned. should of listened @justinbieber," @gexwy tweeted. 

And in response to Bieber's upbeat "#toostrong" tweet, @gexwy fired back, ""haha. that is what u think. we will see tomorrow at NOON. last chance.
Apparently this character hasn't heard the stories about rabid Beliebers, because he/she proceeded to tweet, "and the rest of u can just shutup. u have no idea what i have and when u see tomorrow u will feel different."
We, in the meantime, feel very uncomfortable.

Well, bad news they say, travels faster than good news. I visited this mysterious person's twitter page and saw that he/she already has over 46,000 followers....WHAT??? OMG!!!  But, why won't 'killjoys' leave our dearest celebrities alone? smh...Anyway, let's see the video he will release 'tomorrow', that is, today, but I'm sure it will only make the young pop star more famous....Lol

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