Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Combat...Guard yourself jealously

Hi folks, the Yuletide season is around the corner, once again. I take it for a fact that all Christians (and non-Christians alike) know what that the reason for the season is Our Lord Jesus Christ, on the occasion of His Birth. 

For most non-Christians however, it is a holiday season, to be shared with family and friends; this is because it comes towards the end of the year.

Christmas generally, is a time to Thank God for His numerous gifts to us, and to share love with family, friends and the less-privileged. People travel from far and wide to be with their loved ones and to visit relatives, whom they do not see frequently. The period, being the end of the year, is also a time for conscious intro and retrospection; a time to analyse our activities and achievements for the year-ending and resolutions for the coming year. Talking about new year resolutions, we'll leave it as a discussion for another day. We also know that lots of Weddings, Anniversaries and other parties take place during this period and from all these diverse events, certain issues have evolved.

During this period, some people feel the pressure to impress people; they may have toiled throughout the year
without making meaningful progress and knowing that Christmas is around the corner and they would have to return home to visit relatives, they enter into what I have captioned 'Christmas Combat'. It's an attitude of 'making it by hook or crook' so as to return home in flamboyant fashion. This attitude is the reason there are numerous vices during this period (kidnapping, ritual-killing, robbery, etc). Some people also over-work themselves in a bid to 'meet up' and end up endangering their lives.

For some ladies, their bodies are the sacrificial objects, used to extract money from men, in order to buy scintillating clothing and other exotic items, which would make them stand-out during Christmas. Some ladies struggle to travel to high-class holiday resorts in Asia and the Caribbean, in order to snap cute shots for public display on BBM, facebook, whatsapp, tumbler, twitter, etc, all in a bid to seem 'happening'. A lot of ladies have ended-up wrongly through such unhealthy pursuit. Who is fooling who?

The main reason for this 'pressure to impress' is because some of these people tell false stories to relatives/friends about their financial standings and when push comes to shove, they realize they need to 'live up to expectations'. Such an attitude could be suicidal because of the possible, pressure-induced 'high-blood pressure'.

While we celebrate this season, let us ponder over the following:
This is just a 'season', meaning that before you blink, it's over, and January comes; The Christmas period doesn't last beyond 11 days, that is, counting from today (the 20th), when the main rush starts.

This season comes yearly. Some people may argue that life is not assured so you have to make the best of what you have. I agree but I bet, you must witnessed at least, ten Christmas seasons since you were born (that is, assuming you were 10 years old), and the years keep rolling-by. What you cannot make-up for this year, strive to do next year. Faith and Hope are the keys!

Be scared of January: After all the fairy-tale, lavish Christmas jamboree, January presents the reality-check. January is the month of school fees, payment of debts incurred during Christmas, etc; therefore, it is no longer news that January is a month of austerity, where people (especially workers) have to manage on Christmas crumbs until salaries are paid by month-end and business people have to hustle to make-up for what was used during Christmas.

Now, imagine if you had to live within your means and celebrate Christmas for what the season stands for. Imagine what would happen if a person died while trying to impress; these same relatives/friends he/she was trying to impress could observe a sober Christmas (as a mark of respect and sadness over the loss of a dear one) but before next Christmas, their lives would have returned to absolute normalcy and by next Christmas, they would be partying hard on his/her anniversary. Every time of the year is a good time to show love and lavish money and gifts on loved ones, no rule says the one for Christmas time should be exceptional. Cut your coat according to your cloth. 
Do not get entrapped in the Christmas combat. Guard your life jealously against anxiety and against anxious fellows. #enoughsaid!
Think about these things!!!
Merry Christmas.

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