Thursday, 30 May 2013

Qualities that sustain a relationship

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship...aren't you tired of hearing it? Well, I would have nodded in affirmation but even if I refuse to talk about it, I can still not exempt myself from it and neither can you :p.. LOL. This is because every now and then, one person or the other is going through one emotional stress or the other; it could be a single person having an issue with his or her partner or a married person struggling with patching things up or risking a divorce. It is worthy to note that there is no
hard and fast rule to handling a relationship because it always follows that there are different strokes for different folks, since research has shown and common sense can prove that no two relationships are alike or operate under absolutely similar circumstances. However, over time, people have tried to point out certain factors that have helped and still continue to hep in building and maintaining relationships that are timeless. Here they are:
"Chemistry, common interests, mutual respect and great communication."
"Trying new things together, whether it's traveling, eating, reading, or getting creative in the sack."
"Keeping your vows and still choosing to believe that he/she hung the moon."
"Both people wanting the relationship enough to work at it."
"Caring more for the other person than yourself."
"God as the headship, emotional intimacy, trust , and respect"
"Shared values, respect, trust, real conversation about the hard stuff, appreciation; two independent people who enhance each other's lives."
"Both parties being grounded in selves & taking ownership of their own feelings; mutual admiration & respect; listening."
"Not fighting over the small stuff"
"Good intellectual conversation."
"Honesty, open communication, emotional maturity, understanding... putting in all or nothing."
"Patience, grace and A WICKED SENSE OF HUMOR."
"Love...because where there is love there is respect and trust."

Okay, now let me clarify that I did not compose these points myself. I peeped and grabbed them from Huffington Post. They represent some of the ingredients that could give life to your already-slumping relationship; and if you are still getting started on the relationship ride, ensure that you have these ingredients wholly or partly. Meanwhile, help us enrich the above list; let us know other ingredients we probably did not mention. Spread the word! Cheers!

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