Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spotlight on Taylor's "Swift" Affairs:

Taylor Swift, the 24 year old American-born singer-songwriter has become a phenomenon especially in the area of relationships...*phew*. Her relationships seem to pass-by very "swiftly" and left in the wake of such rude awakenings, she usually compensates herself by making the "culprits" the subjects of her songs. Infact, she has personally stated that her ex-boyfriends are the greatest inspiration for her songs...hehehheeee...
Till date, she has been linked to well over eight (8) guys and here's the duration of some of these affairs starting from the very first:

Joe Jonas (remember him? one of the Jonas Brothers - broke up with her over
the phone: can you beat that?) - July to October 2008 - 3 Months;

Taylor Lautner (the cute, 'Shirtless' werewolf in the Twilight Saga) - October to December 2009 - 2 Months;

John Mayer (American Singer/songwriter) - Late 2009 to Early 2010 - about 3 months;

Jake Gyllenhaal (Cute actor) - October to December 2010 - 2 Months; they broke up and were seen together again in January and February 2011 (still 2 months);

Conor Kennedy (political heir of the American Kennedy family) - July to September 2012- 2 Months;
Harry Styles (a member of the One Direction musical group) -  October 2012 to January 2013 - 3 Months.
She had previously been linked to Brandon Borello (whom she had to break up with because he had to go to college), Sam Armstrong (who cheated on her), as well as some guys she crushed on but never actually dated (Adam Young of Owl city and a certain guy called "Drew"), whom she mentioned in her songs
Now, her latest suspected lover, according to "howzit MSN Africa", is British Singer, Ed Sheeran. Their affair is still a rumour, though.
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran (© Getty)
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Talking about being inspired by her break-ups (just like Adele..LOL), here's what we mean:

The song 'Tim McGraw' was inspired by her ex-boyfriend, named Brandon Borello;
'Teardrops on my Guitar' was inspired by Drew;
'Should've Said No' was about Sam Armstrong;
'Forever and Always' was about Joe Jonas;
'Back to December' was about Taylor Lautner (It was an apology to him...apparently, she did the dumping this time);
The songs 'Dear John' and 'I knew you were trouble' were about John Mayer;
'Enchanted' was about Adam Young.
As for Jake Gyllenhaal, his crime seemed to be the greatest because she dedicated five (5) 'amazing' songs to him. The songs are 'We are never ever getting back together', 'State of Grace', 'All too well', 'Girl at home' and 'The Moment I knew'. may ask: what did her do to deserve all these? Now, I choose to call it the Carrot and Stick attitude: Imagine spending $160,000 to have her flown over for a date in a private jet and later breaking up with her through a text message....text message? Was that all he could do after all the romantic rendezvous? That's another tele-breakup, maybe they are too scared of breaking up with her on face-to-face basis perhaps for the fear of having a broken head....LOL #just saying.

Having said all these, I am really puzzled and wondering: Taylor is beautiful, tall, VERY RICH and looks like a very calm-headed, loyal, faithful sweetheart...but why do her relationships not last beyond 3 (three) months? Are her standards too high? Is she too weird and hard to cope with? (With her fame and fortune, I'd happily cope if I were a guy..LOL); or is she just unlucky with men? Please, don't preempt me, I'm not suggesting she tries the other way....LOL. If she were African and especially Nigerian, her family would have started examining her for "Spiritual Husband" or perhaps, "Spiritual Boyfriend" issues...LOL. 
Right now, I can hear someone telling me: But, what is your business in all these? Is it not her life? Mind your business! Yes, Ma, noted but if you were minding yours, you would have stopped reading before this point...LOL. Taylor is a Philanthropist, so I might as well render her a free Counselling session here - yeah, I'm that nice :D; all I'm saying is maybe she should stop dating celebrities and try some 'common man' on the street...don't get me wrong, I do not mean a 'loafer', just a normal guy who is off the spotlight. I love you very much, Taylor dear, but if we try that angle and it does not still exceed the 3-month threshold, then we will seriously consider the spiritual...LOL.

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