Sunday, 19 May 2013

Opinion Re-public: iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony or Blackberry?

There have been serious debates about whether one should stick to Blackberry 'pinging' or switch to other mobile brands; often, we are bothered about the better brand. Mobile phone brand is also fast-becoming a status symbol among we young people...hilarious, isn't it? Well, I guess that's one of the fall-outs of the Net age.
It is often difficult to choose between these brands because the smartphones they produce seem to be unique and different from each other in diverse ways, thus resulting in situations where some people change from one brand to the other, while the 'gbo gbo bigzzz' people, especially ladies (hehehehheee :p) go as far as having up to three of the above brands. Most people complain they are
tired of BBM, it has become childish, they want to switch to iPhone, Samsung, etc, but only a few people have been able to do away with their BB phones. Addiction or spell? LOL. I also know that some people dread iPhones because of the full touch-screen sincere - not used to 'modern facility'? Okay, I'm sorry, that's not your reason. Yes, you are right, it's really fragile; well, that's why the word 'careful' exists.....LOL.
Nobody seems to be content with Nokia torch or the Motorola of times past...well, what can I say? GSM Communication has gone far beyond the days when it was all about 'basic telephony', that is, making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages. Infact, even the older generation has embraced this new trend...our parents now 'ping' and tweet and do all sorts with their smartphones, such that we young people carefully look out to avoid adding our parents to our contacts or followership...heheheee. 
However, even as smart phones are getting smaller and smarter, some of us still have our Nokia torchlights, especially in cases of battery emergencies, especially associated with Blackberry those situations, we quickly revert to basic telephony, the primary reason phones were made in the first place; and yes, I'm talking from experience...LOL.
So, let's know your preferred brand, if you constantly switch and why?
Keep rocking your weekend.

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