Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Opinion Re-public: Music or Movies?

Some of us are addicted to music while others are addicted to movies. However, some people would argue that they are addicted to both but we know that no two addictions can be of equal proportion. 
So, pray tell, are you the type of person that wears ear plugs listening to music all day, while working, cooking, washing, eating, even while sleeping (hehehheeee...yes) or while walking on the road? 
Do you know the tunes, lyrics and the artistes of most songs?  
Or are you someone who would miss
work, school, a doctor's appointment or even an all-important date because of Twilight, Skyfall,  Vampire Diaries or some other must-see movies? 
Choose where you belong and let us know the extent to which you express your addiction. Remember, on this platform, there are no right or wrong answers, just preferences. Share the fun. 
Cheers :) !   

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