Friday, 3 May 2013

Rain! Rain!! Rain!!! Weather for Two

We have all heard about, witnessed and often talk about 'Rain'. Rain is defined by Wikipedia as liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity. Well, pardon me but this definition sounds like it can only be understood by Geologists and other Scientists. What the lay man knows about rain is that it's water that falls from the sky...some people would say it's God's Showers of Blessings from Heaven. However, we are not in this discourse to define rain but the significance of rain to people.
To the Farmer, rain represents a vital part of his work as it will ensure that his crops germinate and produce the harvest he desires.
To Traditionalists, rain may signify some other things; don't ask me oooo, I'm
not a Native doctor :P Lol.
To a lot of Children, oh the mind of children, it's a time to play around and perhaps, sleep. The factor of sleep also applies to some adults.
However, something really bothers me and it relates to the way some of my fellow young peeps and even some elderly people view rainfall. Hmmm...while some people are thinking of productive things to do with rainfall, when it's raining, some of us pick up our phones to update the following: "Cuddling things", "Sweet rain, awwww, I miss my boo *sad face*", "Wow! Rain, rain! at times like this, I feel like...*winks*", "Rain Rain! Chilling with Le Boo, DND", and the commonest of them all, "Weather for two".....hahahahahahaaaa. And it's often said that the rate of pregnancy is higher during the rainy season than during other seasons...yes, you know why that is so..LOL. 
The reason I'm hammering on this issue is because the rains are here again and will be around for a few months to come. So, the question is: how will you spend the rainy days? For me, the best time to sleep is when it's raining; it could also be the best time to read and if the network permits, surf the net and keep yourself updated.  The "weather for two moments" should be reserved for married couples. I'm not preaching, just stating the fact. Yes, I agree that the rain comes with cold and the temptation "to do" (don't ask me what "to do" means o...LOL) but you must be careful not to take an action you will regret later. Remember, no rainfall lasts forever, it may just last for 2 hours and the next minute, the sun starts blazing. If you are too cold, cover yourself with a duvet; if you don't have it, buy one now or borrow..LOL. Don't be too keen on cuddling because just like every introduction, to cuddle is a preamble to "doing"....mmmhh mhhhh (clears throat), I'm sure we all understand. Be wise!!! 

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