Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ban on Promos by NCC...Let it stand or Lift it?

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has just banned all manner of promotions and lotteries by some telecommunications network operators in response to multifarious complaints by consumers of their services who allege different shades of rip-offs. Precedent to this, the NCC had, not too long ago, slammed a N1.17 billion fine on these firms for their poor quality of service.

Most times, subscribers to GSM companies are left helpless because of the tepidity of the NCC in addressing the reckless nonchalance of the GSM outfits towards shortfalls in service provision. Despite the regular consumer parliamentary sessions instituted by the NCC, nothing much has changed in terms of the shortcomings of telecoms companies. In fact, the widespread feeling by most consumers is that the NCC is not on top of regulation which is its exclusive function.

This is not the first time that the NCC will clamp down on GSM companies over one promotional indulgence or another in the form of lotteries, mouth-watering bonuses, free air-time, customised handsets based on volume of patronage, and other gift items all tantalisingly packaged to sway the public. What happens is that soon after such lily-livered NCC interventions, the GSM firms return to their game in fresh disguises!
Culled from The Sun
*This time around, It appears the Telecom companies are taking the order seriously. I remember receiving a text message from Airtel on that particular day of the ban, informing subscribers that all promos would be discontinued. Other network operators have also done same.

However, I have been thinking that perhaps, some people may not be too happy with this ban because I have interacted with some people, who love playing raffles and promos. Such people are always optimistic and some of them have confessed that those promos actually work. I have even met people who switch to different networks all in search of promo offerings. So, what is your take? Do you want the ban to stand or would you want it lifted?

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