Monday, 12 November 2012

Obi Emelonye to shoot a Movie in Igbo Language

The man in view is a talented film producer, Obi Emelonye, who is preparing to shoot an Igbo movie, that is, a movie in Igbo language.... *been long we saw those kinda movies.*

Obi, a Lawyer, a footballer and one who is known for producing top-of-the-range films, disclosed this to in an exclusive interview.

He hinted thus: “I have been postponing it for a while now, but it keeps keeping me awake at night. My people need me. So here you have it.” E
xplaining why he chose an Igbo flick this time, the man who gave the world 'The Mirror Boy' says:

“It’s just something different. I have been wanting to do this movie for a long time now, even before The Mirror Boy. I guess the time is right. It will not be an expensive project but it will be of quality".

Obi also informed us that the new film will be shot in London. Auditions will take place in the middle of November in Woolwich.

So if you live in the UK and you can speak Igbo, start getting ready for the auditions.
Asides 'The Mirror Boy', Obi also produced the block-buster movie titled: Last Flight to Abuja.

*Nice move, bro. There are not many Igbo movies in this era, so something of that nature is a very welcome development. I have a reservation though with the statement:"It will not be an expensive project but it will be of quality"....hmmm, please, bro, kindly avoid jeopardizing your good image by making a low-budget movie filled with low-ranging stars that act like they are acting. Another point to consider is this: let the diction be strictly Igbo, not 'Engli-Igbo' and the subtitle? That should be properly edited because there are usually lots of flaws with most of our Indigenous movies' subtitles and the associated embarrassment cannot be could borrow my services for the editing...*winks.**

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